Are you looking to re-energize your employees and foster a strong connection to your company? Do you desire motivated teams who fully identify with your corporate culture and embody your employer brand?

We understand the challenges facing businesses today. The modern workplace and the size of corporations can lead employees to feel alienated and emotionally disengaged, impacting their performance. But don't worry, …


With our extensive experience in film production and the latest technologies, we create high-quality videos that not only resonate with your employees but also strengthen your employer brand.

Authenticity is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that your messages are genuine and relatable. Through targeted messages and creative content, we establish an emotional connection and enhance your employees' identification with the company and its values. From showcasing your company culture to highlighting career opportunities – we deliver tailor made solutions that support your objectives and elevate your employer brand.

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Communication Videos.
Engage your employees with dynamic and informative content that keeps them connected and informed about company updates, policies, and initiatives.

Corporate Image Films.
Showcase your company's values, culture, and achievements in a visually stunning narrative that captures the essence of your employer brand.

Invest in videos that not only inform but also inspire, and reinforce your employer brand.

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Wir haben schon viele Filmprojekte mit Thomas Pelzelmayer und seinem Team umgesetzt und waren immer sehr zufrieden. Ob Image-, HR Filme oder Videobotschaften. Es gelingt ihnen bei jedem Thema die richtige Stimmung und Emotionen zu transportieren. Eine sehr angenehme Kooperation, bei der auf die Zeit- und Kostenplanung immer Verlass ist.

Katrin Gastgeb
Head of Communications, SeneCura Group


Working with Easypieces Productions is each time again leading to successful products, in a positive spirit and cooperation. My (internal) customers are always happy with the result and the way it is achieved. We look forward to our next joint project!

Kaatje Caignie
Head of Communications, LAT Nitrogen


We have already collaborated with Thomas Pelzelmayer and his team on numerous film projects and have consistently been impressed with their ability to deliver high-quality results. They excel in creating impactful visuals for a range of applications, including image films, HR films and video messages. Their ability to convey the right mood and emotions for any given topic is unparalleled, the time and cost planning always reliable, making them a highly reliable partner.

Dr. Michael Walter
Leiter Stab LCM und Innovationen, ÖBB-Infra


Thomas and the Easy Pieces team are long-standing and valued partners for us. They support us specifically telling video stories about our growth journey as well as with the production of videos for our internal communication, working closely also with our Executives and colleagues from a range of departments. They know us very well, which makes working together an efficient and great but also trustful experience! Since the pandemic times, the team also supports us with our hybrid live event streamings. Most of all, I appreciate the personal commitment and dedication of the team. Whatever, whenever - they make it happen for us!

Karin Schober
Senior Corporate Channel Manager, Borealis AG

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